Bribes: reduction ad absurdum!

Written by Bernard Brault on 09/04/2012

Notice: Corruption never uses the front door. Please, use the service entrance!

The main problem with bribes is that they are illegal. And, believe it or not, they aren’t illegal only in North America and Europe. In most countries on this planet, bribes are illegal, whether they’re developing, totalitarian or despotic countries. Otherwise, everything is just fine!


When there are opportunities to make money, people make proof of wolfness to take that opportunity. ALL important, serious, and rich people I met in my life, they all tried to cure their Sound Management malaise and suggested me to make concessions. But in fact, it is the OAAQ that should make concessions, too (although, I admit I am the main founder, I wasn’t the only one!) The Sound Management model, its matrix, and its rigorous methodology are just an additional stress by applying principles that otherwise would be just some empty words.

Human rights!

Of course, I was explained ad nauseam that the only way to make business in different foreign countries, especially where one could make a fortune, is to pay bribes to those who grant contracts. So, be it! But, I’ll take the liberty to add that this method isn’t used only abroad.

Camouflage and other similar methods!

Another problem with bribes comes from the necessity of proceeding with an accounting camouflage that allows paying secrete amounts. It would have been much easier if financial statements had a column indicating Expenses for bribes or even Expenses for scheming and other embezzlement.

In this case, serious and rich Board’s members wouldn’t need to plead ignorance and surprise! (Transparency Principle)

Looking for answers in vain!

Therefore, taking the risk to do business in countries of doubtful morality (because it’s already illegal) is directly related to the need of accounting camouflage. Inevitably, the management should make proof of incredible ingenuity to camouflage to the auditors certain transactions that nobody would want to see.

In short, don’t be surprised at what happens with SNC-Lavalin. These aren’t managers or leaders of easy manners who would accept to give up taking candies from the small investors’ box so that they could play it at the casino.

What’s to understand?

Yes, I know, things are much more complicated than they seem, I’ve already been told that! Then, go on; fall for it hook, line and sinker!

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