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Who are the members?

The Institute of Sound Management counts among its members public and private managers, students, teachers, consultants, and every person interested in the Sound Management concept and its application. The Institute of Sound Management is not a professional association, and it doesn’t issue any professional or corporate title.

Why become a member ?

First, to show your support to an organization interested in promoting a structured Sound Management approach towards public and private organizations. Second, to build a discussion network and to offer practical solutions to the managers’ loss of control. Finally, to take advantage of the management tools offered by the ISM to all of its members, as well as of the training courses at discounted prices.

Members’ benefits

  • Training sessions and publications offered at discounted prices
  • The Sound Management canvas – free
  • The terminology table – free
  • Your presence in the list of the Sound Management consultants


Individual membership

Annual membership fees: 100 $1

Membership eligibility criteria:

The admission as an individual member is based on the following criteria: professionalism, integrity, and adequate knowledge of the Sound Management concept. In order to be admitted, the candidate must meet one of the following 2 requirements:

  • To be already a member of one of the 45 professional orders in Quebec and to be able to prove a relevant experience in management within an organization, a company, a municipality, or other governmental institution; to have attended or to be committed to attend training courses in Sound Management during the 90 days following the admission.2
  • To be a professional with previous work experience of at least five years in relevant positions or a full-time student in an university business school, and to have attended training courses in Sound Management offered by the Institute or by other certified companies or business schools; or to be committed to attend training courses in Sound Management during the 90 days following the admission.2

Corporate membership

Annual membership fees: 500 $1

Membership eligibility criteria:

Generally speaking, the admission as a corporate or institutional member is based on an organization’s public commitment to align with the Sound Management concept.

The admission is based on the approval granted by the ISM’s Board of Directors after it was proved that the values and the integrated concept of Sound Management had been spread and applied. Some examples:

  • Statement of adherence to the Sound Management‘s values on a public Website
  • Proof of having made the effort to implement the framework
  • Training the managers with respect to the Sound Management concept
  • Sound Management Self-diagnosis
  • Sound Management Audit
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  • Subscribe as corporate member
1 Payable by check or PayPal.
2 A one-day basic training of introduction to the concept of Sound Management (SM) will be duly offered only to the new members for the special amount of $200.