About ISM


The ISM is an organization oriented towards the promotion of Sound Management

The Institute of Sound Management (ISM) is an organization dedicated to promoting and introducing the Sound Management concept and Framework that are based on the OAAQ’s (Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec) Principles of Sound Management. Nevertheless, the ISM has no connection with the OAAQ.  The Institute acts as a media observer informing its members and the general public about management situations with respect to the Sound Management concept.The Institute offers to its members and to the general public an integrated approach and some professional tools necessary to ensure the Sound Management of the organizations and of the public and private companies.

ISM is not considered a professional association; therefore, it doesn’t issue any professional or corporate title.

Become a member to show your support to an organization interested in promoting a structured Sound Management approach

Why should the concept of Sound Management be promoted by an organization such as ISM?

Developed by the OAAQ more than twenty years ago, the concept is still little known to the general public. The political and the business circles might have feared to be the first promoting such an approach. Nevertheless, they have the advantage of better understanding it.


Board of director
  • BRAULT Bernard F. Adm.A F.CMC – Board chairman
  • AUGER Gilles CPA, CA, Adm.A. CMC – Treasurer
  • LAMOUREUX, Jean-Charles, CRHA, MPO
  • FRENETTE, Jean-Guy, MBA, CRHA, Adm.a.,CMC