• Québec City: Labeaume harshly criticized
    Written by Bernard Brault on 14/01/2011

    Harsh criticism, but little content. The staggering outbursts of some “political gurus” towards the Mayor of Québec, and the arguments of the three signatories (Francine Bouchard, former city councillor of Québec, Michel Héroux, former chief of the Rector’s office at Laval University, and Pierre Boucher, former president of the National Capital Commission) of the open [...]

  • The gift or token of appreciation
    Written by Bernard Brault on 07/01/2011

    Our best wishes for 2011, joy and health to all our members and readers! Let’s hope that all the contradictory opinions due to a bad management will die down and that we’ll regain our trust in the public and private organizations. The Sound Management is just a statement of the main principles. This year we [...]

  • Ethical Code or Sound Management?
    Written by Bernard Brault on 09/12/2010

    A French Internet user asked me a question that’s worth writing a blog. “…unfortunately, you haven’t answered the question asked by another blogger as to: why your ‘sound management’ practice is considered superior to an ethical code? Thank you for exemplifying your demonstration with an international example, if possible.” Dear Sir, perhaps, you are right. Unless semantically analysed, there is [...]

  • Professional competence or Management Ethics!
    Written by Bernard Brault on 03/12/2010

    Professional competence by all means, and especially professional competence as the only criteria of evaluating the management and the managers is, according to the ISM, the greatest risk for loss of control, embezzlement in our modern societies. To be obsessed with the professional competence is a sign of the times. The parameter isn’t important anymore; [...]

  • Trust!
    Written by Gilles Auger on 30/11/2010

      TRUST! This is a value everyone is looking for, but nobody can find it anymore. The social discontent with both public and private systems, this chronic cynicism that Bernard Brault calls “our collective Prozac”, is mainly caused by this lack of trust. The embezzlement and the modern scandals aren’t worse than the scandals from [...]

  • Mass paranoia, real conflict of interest or sometimes just pure jealousy?!
    Written by Institut de Saine Gestion on 25/11/2010

    There is no motivation without interest! Inevitably, all our actions are in some kind of conflict. The question is if our interests interfere with the organization’s interests and if our decisions could be affected. We are asking you this question. The fact that Ms Jane Doe is nominated for a position as senior manager within [...]

  • The hunting season is open!
    Written by Bernard Brault on 23/11/2010

    Real or potential conflicts of interest: Be aware foxes and other villains! The hunting season is open! On Monday, November 22, 2010, Radio Canada “got in the possession” of the confessions made by another candidate to the provincial elections regarding his pockets filled with the municipality’s money. At TVA, the same evening, the Mayor of [...]

  • Conflicts of Interest… Real, or apparent and potential?
    Written by Bernard Brault on 18/11/2010

    In management, the least understood notion of ethics is certainly the one about APPARENT conflict of interest and POTENTIAL conflict of interest. To criminalise or make illegal apparent or potential conflicts of interest is a utopia according to jurists. Therefore, bad management or lax and uncontrolled management hopelessly leads to corruption, subtle at the beginning [...]

  • The Principle of the Sausage
    Written by Institut de Saine Gestion on 16/11/2010

    More and more Internauts visit the ISM Site! An increasing number of internauts come and visit the ISM site. From a few thousands per month at the beginning of 2010, we just broke the 10,000 hits per week record! Out of those, we estimate that approximately between 500 to 800 visitors followed us and read [...]

  • A showdown between the Quebec mayor and the bureaucracy before the city turns into a Tower of Babel!
    Written by Bernard Brault on 12/11/2010

    It certainly takes lots of courage to say aloud what some would only say in private. One can pretend not to know, but we all knew. Actually, I already addressed this point before. It’s called the bureaucratic phenomenon. Mr. Labaume, brave knight of the impossible, originally from the private sector, probably wasn’t aware. Yet, students [...]