• Written by Bernard Brault on 27/03/2010
    Health: Governance governs…in utter confusion. The ISM suggests a perfect solution!

    Latest news: The Bachard budget for 2010 imposes spending cuts in Public Services representing 60 % of the budget deficit bill. Utopy? We were already aware of it. However, a nice and brave deputy Mr Bonardel had the courage to bring to light out of the governmental red tape the process maps showing the managerial [...]

  • Written by Bernard Brault on 19/03/2010
    The Governance governs… without any obligation of a Sound Management!

    If we are entitled to take offence at something, it should be related to the fact that we are paying for the astronomical amounts received by the high managers who didn’t succeed to generate the expected profits, who took huge risks and caused job losses, who misspent or stole our savings, or who ran away with the cashbox. This is when we can and have to require the compliance with the Sound Management model.

  • Written by Bernard Brault on 05/12/2009
    The Sound Management Framework

    The ISM sustains that this confidence, which is almost lost, can be rebuilt as long as managers accept, from now on, a Sound Management Framework within which the Sound Management values will be systematically integrated to their everyday actions.

  • Written by Bernard Brault on 05/12/2009
    The decision-makers’ resistance to the Sound Management concept – an explanation

    The main characteristic of the Sound Management model consists in the homeostasis of values according to which a fundamental principle couldn’t be referred to against the other five. Therefore, by making reference to Continuity, managers cannot account for the deviation from Transparency.